Mission Statement

The mission of the Coalition for the Barbados Association of Central Florida (CBAOCF), otherwise known as Central Florida Bajans (CFL Bajans), is to encourage networking and to promote kinship among Barbadians (Bajans) living in Central Florida. Our association maintains avenues of communication between Barbadians in Central Florida and their homeland Barbados, and fosters educational, cultural, and business operations, to further the joint interests of Bajans in both regions in an open, friendly environment.

Bajan stories

These are stories surrounding our culture that are written in Bajan by our CFLBajans members.

Confused in Orlando series - "Please! Gimme' de Way It Was": Letter #1 by Marjorie McCauley

Confused in Orlando series - Letter #2 by Marjorie McCauley

More stories coming soon!

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