Mission Statement

The mission of the Coalition for the Barbados Association of Central Florida (CBAOCF), otherwise known as Central Florida Bajans (CFL Bajans), is to encourage networking and to promote kinship among Barbadians (Bajans) living in Central Florida. Our association maintains avenues of communication between Barbadians in Central Florida and their homeland Barbados, and fosters educational, cultural, and business operations, to further the joint interests of Bajans in both regions in an open, friendly environment.

The story behind the Bajan

 Dr. Dale Husbands
Dr. Dale Husbands who was born in Barbados, West Indies, migrated to the United States of America in 1975 and settled in Brooklyn, New York. In 1980, Dr. Husbands joined the United States Air Force and worked as a Maintenance Management Information Systems Computer Specialist until his separation from the military in 1989. He subsequently worked for Lucerne Valley Unified School District as a Computer Coordinator, and taught computer science courses as an adjunct professor at More
 Dennis Morris
Dennis' story is coming to cflbajans.com soon